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Do You Need an Oregon Truck Permit? We can help speed up the process.

There’s no easy way to deal with the state. Waiting in lines, delayed filings, and lost paperwork are a thing of the past with Let us take care of everything, from helping you fill out the application to filing it with the proper authorities. Save time and let our knowledgeable staff take care of everything.

Out of State Trip Permits

Oregon allows the use of out-of-state Trip Permits when you travel from another state. If you do plan to do this, there are certain regulations and documents that must be filed.

Make sure you keep proof of insurance inside your vehicle and give us a call. We can walk you through the state and local laws so you can legally drive anywhere you need.

Trip Permit from Another State

What You Need to Apply:

  • Driver’s Name
  • USDOT Number
  • Truck Information (Unit #, License Plate #, Current Mileage)
  • If leased, the leasing company’s name
  • Route through Oregon
  • Zip codes for any stops you need to make

Do I need to Worry About Fuel Tax?

An Oregon Fuel Tax Permit is required for any truck that fuels up in the state of Oregon. These permits are required because drivers must pay fuel taxes for any fuel that they use while in the state. The driver must log their fuel usage and obtain a permit.

For over 16 years, Oregon State Permits has helped drivers obtain their Fuel Tax Permits. We are a family-run business that treats every driver who works with us as part of our family. Let us help you navigate the bureaucratic red tape and get you on the road, fast.

What is the IFTA Fuel Tax?

The International Fuel Tax Agreement, also known as the IFTA, guides almost every Trip Permit. The IFTA helps track and monitor fuel use between the United States and Canada. Here at Oregon State Permits, we help you file your permits with the proper authorities at IFTA. If you have gotten a Trip Permit before, you know that obtaining the permit is only part of the work. Not only do we help you apply for your permits, we also help you file your permits. Never be caught without the proper permits again and risk losing your license.

We handle all of the paperwork, so you can get back to your work, back on the road.

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